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Transformative Advisory for Business Owners wanting the Competitive Edge by Harnessing Next Gen Digital Technologies to Significantly Increase Profits and Streamline Processes. Your journey starts with strategic planning and leads to a concise execution plan that enables Information Strategies that support innovation and acceleration. By making each concept bite-sized and actionable, our only goal is to ensure we make a significant and measurable improvement to your business.


Working with Companies to Digital Transform through Technology

Your Journey to Harnessing Next Generation Digital Technologies to significantly increase Profits and Streamline Processes. 

An Effective Discovery is the most important step in Digital Transformation. We want to understand from the business  the  processes required to generate it’s Flow of Dollars (Cash Flow).

Awareness: This step includes  discovery meetings with key players, and the secure compilation of the data collected.


A Digital Assessment needs to evaluate the digital state of your business from two perspectives: Its current digital adoption and its digital culture.

Awareness: This step includes the completion of the Digital Assessment. It will determine the Current use of digital tools in use to interact with customers , partners, and suppliers. How your business collects and uses the data to make decisions. And the digitization and integration of business processes.

This step's Outcome will provide a clear, transparent, and objective view of the way the world is, and how ready your business is for transformation.

Assessment This step includes the completion of a personal and company assessment using standardised tools. A clear, transparent and objective view of the way the world is, not the way you think it should be.

This Digital Transformation method has been consistently proven to deliver significant results over many different industries and stages of business growth.

Solution Strategy

The Plan This step includes a one day strategy session using a standard strategy tool and direction to complete a business / implementation plan and communication to all staff.

Digital transformation is prevalent – with figures from Industry Experts revealing that 79% of corporate strategists say it is “reinventing their business”. But what it actually means to your Business will vary therefore, Strategizing the right path to achieving understanding from all players within the business and getting buy-in to a digital transformation plan is a crucial step.

Awareness: This step focuses in on your business objectives and Desired Outcomes. Digital transformation is not a technology box-ticking exercise and any strategy must focus on business objectives and explain how digital transformation will benefit the business.

Every Business will invest time and resources in digital transformation. This is the price of remaining relevant. But regardless of the amount they spend, how this transformation is implemented will determine which organizations stay ahead of the market. The winners will improve customer outcomes, reduce costs, and deliver superior Client experiences over the long term.


Relentless actions by all people, with all resources to achieve near term goals and value. Implementation: includes priority setting and progress check on critical path items, and intervention on high stakes events and decisions.

Implementation all Strategy  to achieve near term goals and value.


Outcome resulting from the achievement of more order in the business, leadership and finances. This step includes analysis, review of progress against the plan and the renewal of actions to ensure goal achievement.

Results Before we can claim success Your Transformation will have found a happy balance between The Customer Experience and Business Operations. You want an Outstanding Customer Experience to deliver on Value and Service while simultaneously optimizing and reducing costs within the operational aspects of your business.

Some simple KPI’s to track are:

  • Changes in Revenue

  • A Noticeable Change in Customer relations

  • A Clear Increase in new engagements

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • Knowledge Transfer within your organization

  • Operation Expenses to Revenue Ratios

First: Start your Understanding Your Network with a Discovery Meeting from Safe Harbour that will focus on what are the current business needs.

Next: Your Assessing the data to Implement Strategic planning, and leads to a concise execution plan that enables Information Strategies that support innovation and acceleration.

Finally: Safe Harbour will provide an Focused Data Asset Report that is: 

      • Executive Summary
      • Urgent Issues
      • Critical Data Assets
      • Detailed Analysis
      • Application Analysis
      • Remediation Recommendation
      • Maturity Roadmap

So, if you’re ready to put the Harnessing Next Gen Digital Technologies to Significantly Increase Profits and Streamline Processes. in to your business -  fill out the contact form on your left and we will call you and setup a short 10 minute Discovery session to get started. Remember There’s no risk to talk with us about your business and you can stop the process any time. Let me help you make each concept bite-sized and actionable, our only goal is to ensure we make a significant and measurable improvement to your business. To take the Digital Transformation Leap!

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