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Add an expert support team to support your current IT staff

Every company needs strong IT, but it's difficult to hire internal expertise 

Most corporations have trustworthy, capable IT staff members to cover numerous needs, however they’re seldom able to handle the increasing demands of a growing company. When your IT staff are overwhelmed or short on resources, this can add real stress to your business. 

We understand a company of your size and growth desire the support of a team that can work alongside your current employees, building a robust and resilient IT department, and keeping your business running smoothly.

Benefits to Co-Managed IT Services

Safe Harbour compliments your existing IT staff by providing comprehensive management and planning to guarantee your company is protected against data loss, extended down times, poor network performance, cyber attacks, compliance issues, & is in a position to recover data if a disaster were to occur.

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Scenarios When Co-Managed Service Makes Sense...

Daily Support

Your current IT staff are excellent working on high-level strategic projects, but need support in getting day-to-day tasks completed.

These can be tasks such as troubleshooting various problems that arise, providing helpdesk resources to your employees, software upgrades, data backups & general maintenance.


Your current IT staff are excellent at help-desk and end-user support, but don't quite have the expertise in advanced cyber security protection, server maintenance, cloud technologies, & compliance regulations.

 Safe Harbour lets your current staff handle what they do best & we fill in the areas where they need extra assistance.

Rapid Growth

Your company is rapidly expanding & need to scale up your IT staff & resources quickly. 

This is another situation where our flexible support services can be brought in to get you through this phase seamlessly.

 This way you can be worry-free, as you strive to build your internal IT department. 

What is Included in our Co-Managed Services Bundle?




Digital Transformation Specialists, Security Advisor, and Cloud Migration Consultant with over 25 years of experience in IT and Next-Gen Technologies. Focused on small and mid-sized businesses. 

Working globally across Canada, North America, Asia, and Europe helping clients move through three states of growth – Creation (planning stage), Security (safety stage), and Maintenance (longevity stage).

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