CyberSecurity Data is Money! Secure IT NOW!

Did You Know: Ransomware hits companies like yours every 14 seconds.

How comfortable are you are you with your organization’s ability to detect and respond to an incident before assets are compromised?

Cyber security

In today’s threat landscape, it is well known that competent cyber criminals can and will break into your data assets. And they will attack Relentlessly if there is profit to be made. There are many roads to your data and an advanced attack will keep trying them all until they succeed. Once we accept this fact, the focus changes to where it needs to be: Detection. Securing your Data from a Breach is not one single act or product, it is a series of actions and procedures that must take place combined with a well timed response in order to reduce or completely eradicate damages.

"Cyber attacks are getting harder to spot and the stats are indicative of This with the average time taken to detect an foothold is 205 days according to a report from FireEye.”

Here are just a few examples of these:

1) Financially Motivated Attacks. They are hitting small businesses in our city every day. RANSOMWARE is one more common example. If you were to be attacked by ransomware today, would you pay the ransom? And if you did pay, what guarantees would you have?
2) Hacktivists Will Shut You Down  Hacktivism presents another GRAVE DANGER. Confidential emails revealed ugly brand-damaging ruining Companies reputations. Were powerless to stop these attacks. When you’re attacked it’s up to you to find a way to survive.
3) Nation-State Sponsored Attacks Seek Innovation at Your Expense. Read the news and you’ll see daily occurrences of espionage originating from China, Russia, and more recently Germany. “Responsible intelligence gathering.” In other words, every government with the capability to spy online is increasingly doing so.

4) The Unsuspected Fourth Cyber Criminal – Who is It? It can be your internal people. A recent Wall Street Journal study revealed over 75% of employees steal from the companies they work for. In other words, your employees are most likely stealing from you. If an employee is looking for a better opportunity (or gets terminated for any reason)it is highly likely they will want to take data with them.  It is important to understand, desperate people steal. 

Three Questions Business Owners Should Constantly Be Asking About There Network Security!

Question 1: What are your most important data assets? Start by looking at your data. You have more than you think.

Question 2: Who would want your data, and how would they get it? This is not just about theft. Expand your question to consider anything which might make applications or data inaccessible to your business or corrupt and unusable.

Question 3: Would you know in time to stop a data breach or outage?


All too often business leaders are lead astray by their IT when it comes to Cybersecurity needs.

When Asked IT Commonly Answers “ We Have It Covered”, But What Is It They Have Covered?

Security must start off by identifying the Critical Data Assets required for the day to day operations and health of your business, the data that if lost would close your doors. Common examples would be the Software Applications used to interact with your customers, partners, suppliers, and banking. It is unlikely your IT has become this familiar with the business making any attempt at securing ineffective in today’s threat landscape. Safe Harbour’s Cyber Security Services offers you a full portfolio of asset focused testing and assessment services to help you assess your cybersecurity risk. Based on our findings, we then work together to define a security roadmap that best fits your needs.Cyber Security

Every Business MUST Know If They Can Stop A Cyber-Disaster Before It’s Too Late.

Who Is Responsible For Your Security Strategy?

Answering the questions above will help you to assess increased or decreased business risk. In summary, you need to know the top threats, the impact associated with each threat, and the likelihood something bad will happen in the near future. Then, if or when the unthinkable does happen, you must be able to detect it and stop it before business- crippling malware takes down you and your company.

 If you would for more information. You can access my Free Ebook (Click Here) =>“What’s At Stake For Your Business” Learn The Ways Your Employees Enable Hacker

So, if you’re ready to put the right security in place. I have traveled the globe Identifying security threats in Companies. I can help give your business a peace of mind as you move into the digital revolution. There’s no risk to talk with us about your business and you can stop the process any time. But if you let us look under the hood, we’ll help you discover any potential problems before they impact your business or take your data. If everything looks good, we’ll tell you. However, if we discover symptoms of a growing threat, we’ll help you check them out to make sure you’re not exposed to catastrophic failure.  



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