Virtual Security Team

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The Company 

Safe Harbour has built its reputation by giving businesses the confidence that their systems and data are secure, available and operating at peak efficiency. We pride ourselves on serving, as business technology guides our clients.

We work with businesses and understand the unique challenges of running one. We can help transform your technology into a strategic tool for your business and give you the growth edge you're looking for.

Virtual Security Team

Our vCISOs provide security expertise with a comprehensive compliance foundation. With access to our entire team you’re never limited to one individual’s expertise.

Providing your organization with a World-Class dedicated team of professionals that is composed of Business Consultants, Technical Engineers, and Supporting Staff. Each resource is hand-picked to suit your unique business needs. 

Goals & Objectives

Application Penetration Testing

Code Reviews

Threat Modelling

Network Security Testing

Your Virtual Team

  • •VCISO Service Provide Strategic Security Leadership
  • •Dedicated team with World-Class Application Security skills 
    •Project Management 
    •Uninterrupted support with backup resources 
    •Predictable Spend
  • •On demand, Moment's Notice Support 
    •Technical/Strategic Leadership Support 
    •Flexible & easily customizable services


Core Services

  • Network Security Testing
  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA)
  • SAST, Secure Code Review
  • DAST, Web App, API, Microservice Penetration Service
  • Mobile Application Security Testing
  • Secure Design Review 

Advanced Services

  • Threat Modelling
  • Architecture Risk Assessment
  • Ad-Hoc Consulting 

Services Description

Dedicated Consultants and Technical Resources will be selected with expertise aligned with your requirements.

Core Services are Safe Harbour's Standard Managed Service Portfolio offerings. Advanced Services include Highly Specialized Services. 

Ad-Hoc Services cover a broad range of services that are specific to your Organization's Application Security needs. They include technologies such as Embedded, Thick Client, Maturity Action Plans Etc.

Value Chain BP

Safe Harbour's Security Team Value Chain helps increase your business's efficiency so you can deliver the most value for the least possible cost. The Managing Consultant ensures the Technical Oversight Skillset while the PMO ensures timely Execution of projects.

  • 1 Full-Time Core Consultant
  • 1 Full-Time Advanced Consultant
  • 1 Part-Time Technical Oversight
  • 1 Part-Time Project Manager

Our Process