Return Policy

Product can be returned for refund or exchange within fourteen (14) days from the original date of purchase, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Original purchase invoice is required;
  2. Products return in its original condition (i.e. new in box, sealed);
  3. Package must be absolutely unopened for software, consumables (i.e. ink, media), and headsets;
  4. Products must not be a special order. Ask us if your order is considered special order.

A minimum 15% restocking fee will apply to any less-than-original condition product Safe Harbour Informatics agrees to take back. Removal of shrink-wrap may consistitute less-than-original condition. Servers, notebook, netbook, branded computer, phones, TV’s and tablet PC’s are not eligible for return or exchange. Please check with one of our Product Advisor if you are in doubt.

Due to volatile nature of the industry, returns will be refunded or credited at the lower of current price (at the time of return) minus restocking fee or purchased price minus restocking fee.

All returning product by shipping needs to be pre-authroized, please scroll down to see our Return Merchandise Authorization section for details. Sorry, shipping and handling fees are non-refunabled.

For in store purchases, Safe Harbour Informatics will not accept any returns for items that are physically damaged once the product has left the store. Please closely examine the products for physical damages.

See our full Terms and Conditions of Sale for the complete details.

Special Orders, Clearance, Discontinued Items, Free products, Software, and Consumable Products

Safe Harbour Informatics does not accept return or exchange if customers:

  • Simply change their mind
    • Purchase the wrong product
    • No longer require the product due to a change in circumstances
    • Found cheaper elsewhere
    • The goods are damaged whilst in your use

For clearance, discontinued, or free product, these may come with a limited warranty compared with the standard warranty and would be generally stated in the item description or specification. Please read the product description or contact us for more details.

Warranty Period

During Safe Harbour Informatics’s warranty period, we will offer an exchange after the product is free from physical damage, and is tested and deemed defective by a Safe Harbour Informatics technician.

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Procedure

Before any warranty claim, customers are requested to make sure the product is:

  • Not affected by being used in an abnormal way. Such a use may be noted in the warranty as rendering it void, or it may be a use that you wouldn’t reasonably expect the product to perform.
    • Not disposed of, lost or destroyed. In other words, there needs to be proof that the product has failed.
    • Not reduced in value by delay on the customer’s part. Customers should bring faults to our attention soon after they occur.

Safe Harbour Informatics is not a manufacturer or authorized service centre, it’s recommended that you contact the manufacturer’s technical support for any troubleshooting or tech support before you send the product back to us for warranty claim, most of these support services are provided free of charge and would generally provide you with a manufacturer tech support case number which may be required and will speed up the warranty process should you need to return the product back to Safe Harbour Informatics.

If a product is found to be defective and Customer seeks warranty service, please fill out this form and e-mail it to A response will be provided within 48 hours. Once approved, an RMA number will be issued.

Safe Harbour Informatics is more than happy to help our customers with the warranty procedures for manufacturers. Some manufacturers provide onsite or pickup and delivery services, such as the warranty services for notebooks and LCD monitors. Customers are recommended to contact the manufacturers’ technical support directly for faster turnaround. Due to Privacy Policies, at times Safe Harbour Informatics may not be able to lodge a warranty claim on the customer’s behalf.

All returns must be approved by Safe Harbour Informatics with an RMA number. For goods manufactured by companies other than Safe Harbour Informatics Computer, Safe Harbour Informatics has no obligation to provide any warranty service after the first 14 day warranty period. However, Safe Harbour Informatics may, from time to time and for a fee, seek warranty service on behave of the Customer. Such fee must be pre-paid before warranty service commences.

With RMA number, send the goods with all the drivers, software, documentation, cables, diskettes, and packaging to Safe Harbour Informatics. Customer must pre-pay the shipping and costs including insurance for the return of goods. The RMA number must be clearly marked on the outside of the box. Goods sent collect or not marked with a valid RMA number will not be accepted.

If goods are returned without all original parts or if warranty labels have been tempered, Safe Harbour Informatics reserves the right to return the goods back to the Customer un-repaired. Safe Harbour Informatics shall not be responsible for any losses due to shipping or delays in RMA Service. Customer agrees to pay a technical service charge of $90.00 for RMA goods tested and found non-defective.