What is the likelihood that your organization's network will be compromised by a cyberattack?

Organizations cannot afford to stand alone when it comes to maintaining effective cyber threat defenses. IT teams must keep up with changes occurring in business, technology, and threat landscapes. A risk assessment will discover any vulnerabilities and strengths of cybersecurity controls and will tell the company board how the organization might be breached, the likelihood of such a breach, and its potential impact.

Our role in cybersecurity is to provide guidance to IT security professionals in closing the gap in IT security budgets to foster better practices in network security, endpoint security, application & data security, security management & operations, and identify & access management. 

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All businesses require powerful cybersecurity strategies to protect them.

Cyber threats are becoming more prevalent with each passing day. Every day there are new headlines about data breaches, hackings, cyber-attacks, and various forms of crimes against businesses. By implementing these 4 critical components into an effective cybersecurity plan & downloading the free Cybersecurity Essentials for Business Owners Guide:

Accelerating Cybersecurity for Your Business Starts Here. 

Clients want to partner with companies that offer exceptional technical capabilities & a proven history of delivering client success.

Simplifying security

Find solutions that align with the Cloud: infrastructure, AI & Data, Modern Work, Business Applications, Security, and Digital & App Innovation.

Achieving Cyber Resilience

Addressing people, technology, and skills, Safe Harbour is able to assist companies in achieving cyber resilience effectively without compromising scalability.

Completed CyberSecuirty 

 As businesses become more reliant on technology, they are also becoming more vulnerable to cyber threats. To protect their data and systems, businesses must invest in comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

Meet your Cyber team

With a Global team of qualified cyber experts we can help fill the gaps as a 

Business Leaders Need to be Asking These Questions:

  • 1.) What should I look for in a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy?
  • 2.) How can we organize cybersecurity governance effectively?
  • 3.) How does management identify, assess, prioritize, & report risk? 
  • 4.) Are vendors/third-parties being asked to comply with security requirements?
  • 5.) Is there a process in place to validate the effectiveness of the security controls embedded in the product?
  • 6.) Does the organization have a cybersecurity architecture? Is it maintained & up to date?
  • 7.) Is cybersecurity included in the requirements of any procurement or new project?
  • 8.) Are the security requirements for a new product understood?
  • 9.) Is security testing embedded in the development process?
  • 10.) Does our organization meet the New CMMC Compliance? 

The Core Framework

NIST defines the framework as a set of cybersecurity activities, desired outcomes, and applicable informative references common across critical infrastructure sectors.

Security must start by identifying the critical data assets required for day-to-day operations & longevity of your business. Common examples are software applications used to interact with your customers, partners, suppliers, and banking. 

It is unlikely that your IT has become this familiar with your business. This makes any attempt at securing ineffective in today’s threat landscape. 

Safe Harbour’s Cybersecurity Services offer you a full portfolio of asset-focused testing & assessment services to help you discover your cybersecurity risk. Based on our findings, we then work together to define an IT and cybersecurity roadmap that best suits your business needs.

Do you know what to do in the event your business under a Cyber attacked? 

Because, when it comes to detecting and mitigating threats, speed is crucial. Identify attacks in real time for faster threat detection and response. Schedule a meeting now or call us at 877-974-2726

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