The Step IT Up Foundation

Empowering Youth Through Technology

Our mission is to support underprivileged youth by providing them with iPads, iPhones, & Laptops that otherwise would be tossed aside & unused.


"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future."  - Franklin D. Roosevelt

The Step IT Up Foundation believes that having access to the technology resources needed for school, as well as personal development, our children are set up for success. Both in school and within themselves. 

When children & youth have access to technology, they are free to explore their passions, talents and seek out their calling. Youth are most inspired when they have a way to express and build on their creativity, leading to the development of skills necessary for confident adults making a difference in the world!

The Wake Up Call

The Covid-19 pandemic woke us up to how many kids did not have access to a computer to attend class! 

Living in North America, this was staggering to come by as schools rely and focus heavily on tech and the internet for completion of assignments, projects and for learning supplementation! 

Kids who didn't have access relied on libraries or the school computers to complete their assignments, but when libraries and schools closed down, not only could they not complete their schoolwork, but they could not even attend!

Not only did these children suffer from such a drastic change in their daily routine, isolation from friends and socialization, but they also felt helpless as their family didn't have the means to provide access to online school!

Let Kids Enjoy Being Kids

We decided there needed to be a solution ASAP for these kids to attend school, and not fall behind. 

Corporate America throws out massive amounts of perfectly usable devices every year. 

We thought if we can pair these organizations up with schools to supply their "outdated" (generally after a season of use until the latest and greatest launches) tech to children and youth who need it, our children would have the ability to stop worrying about what they cannot control financially, and be able to focus on achieving their dreams and being a kid.

Give Them Confidence

Schools are filled with iPads, laptops, smart screens, etc...

When a child goes home without access to a device, their academic confidence can easily suffer consequences. A child has no control over their family's financial situation, and if you can provide these kids access to a device to continue their education or find other resources to learn from, then you are setting that child up for success. 

Imagine the relief these kids feel when a complete stranger (you) alleviates all that unneeded stress! 

When you donate, you aren't just giving them equipment needed for learning, you're freeing them from stress about asking their parents for money to buy a necessary tool to succeed when they know they cannot afford it.

Inspire Them to Create

Not only do you give the gift of educational success, but you also give the gift of opportunity & creativity to boost their confidence and allow them to learn new ideas & skills to skyrocket their strengths and passions. 

Having access to technology keeps them inspired to create and share their discoveries with the world! 

Without a device, children and youth are unable to watch tutorials or self educate on topics that empower them to be their best selves. 

Social Media has become a way for children and especially youth to express themselves and find like-minded individuals regardless of where in the world they live! 

Platforms such as YouTube inspire youth to create their own channels and feed their inner entrepreneur!

Take Action: Join the Challenge! Tag Your IT!

If you have any knowledge of technology, you know that the old is often replaced with the new. That laptop, smartphone, or tablet that has been sitting in a cupboard or drawer in your home, or office gathering dust, could make a huge impact on the life of a child or young adult.

Rather than throwing out or recycling  a perfectly usable device, consider donating it to the foundation! Make a monetary donation or even donate a new/used device! 

It is time for change! Take the challenge Tag Your IT!  Help us pay it forward. Help by Telling 3 people about STEP IT UP, Share a link on social media and find one computer to give to a child to transform there future. 

Send us an email to get started donating a device or accessory!  Absolutely 100% of donations and devices go directly to families struggling to pay for their children's educational tools and equipment.