Are you looking for a way to maximize the security of your organization without the cost of a full-time 

Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)?

A virtual CISO (vCISO) may be the perfect solution. A vCISO is a highly experienced security professional1 who provides the same level of expertise and guidance as a full-time CISO, but on a part-time or project basis.  A vCISO can help you develop a comprehensive security strategy, assess your current security posture, and provide guidance on how to improve it. By leveraging the expertise of a vCISO, you can ensure that your organization is secure and compliant without the cost of a full-time employee.

Our 100 Day vCISO Program will at a minimum provide answers to the following questions:

1) How well protected is your organization, what is your capability maturity? 
2) Who and what is your biggest threat
3) What areas have the greatest negative impact on the organization’s security posture?
4) What will it take to improve the organization’s security posture? 
5) How can effectiveness of investments be measured? 
6) What will the ROI of the security-related initiatives be? 
7) What will the organization risk if nothing changes?
8) What is required from the board to be successful?
9) What is being done well, how can this be preserved during change?

Top Outcomes of working with Safe Harbor’s vCISO:

All businesses require powerful cybersecurity strategies to protect them.

Accelerating Cybersecurity for Your Business Starts Here. 

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