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Digital Transformation 

As a business owner, I have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on online marketing over the years! With hope, it would drive clients to my website and create more sales. 

Why Was There No Results!

If this sounds Familiar to you read on!

Digital marketing

"I asked myself "What is the TOP 1% doing differently that the other 99% are not?"

What was I Missing? After spending mega time and money on different consultants who implemented strategies like SEO, Social Media, and even adwords giving near zero results, I went on a mission to discover what the 1% were doing. I discovered their 5 Key Secret Strategies that attracted new prospects and converted them to Valuable Repeat Clients! By implementing these 5 strategies in my business, it instantly gave our company the Competitive Edge we had been looking for and at a fraction of the cost.


Step One Customer Journey

Every interaction with a customer is a chance to connect with them, delight them, and increase their retention and advocacy. When customers contact a business, they're looking for a variety of elements:

Customer First Impression
  • Needs: is what brought them to your site in the first place.
  • Want: Ensuring their expectations and interaction validates their decision to buy.
  • Desires: The ability to connect to the product or service that meets a desire and creates a personalized connection that inspires them to purchase

 Implementing a customer interaction strategy helps to make sure these needs are met.

5 Questions Businesses Should Be Asking About Their Online Marketing!

Online Marketing Vision

Question 1: Who is your Dream Client?

Question 2: What strategies are we using to generate Dream Client leads?

Question 3: What strategies are we using to retain our Dream Clients?

Question 4 : What strategies are you using to Drive Dream Client referrals?

Question 5 : What strategies are we using to generate sales while you sleep?



As we all know, businesses have been forced to make some significant changes. As all non-essential businesses were forces to shut down due to covid19, and customers all but vanished. Even with staggered reopenings, and the threat of business having to shut down again in the fallThe importance of having e-commerce functionality is more apparent than ever. 

Making the shift online can feel like a daunting task, especially with limited knowledge and resources; it is a significant adjustment and learning curve. If anything, the pandemic proved the need for businesses of all types to be flexible and ready for anything, specifically, to take the digital leapEcommerce will be front and center for the new normal. Follow these steps now so you can recoup lost sales and adjust to the changing times.

The strategies I’ve shared with you today are just the start. So, if you’re ready to get a competitive edge over your competition, Let me help you Start Your Journey Toward The Success Of Your Digital Transformation.

First: Start your Online Journey NOW with a consultation from Safe Harbour that will focus on what are the current business needs.

Next: Safe harbour will Assess the Current Online Marketing Trends and proceed to uncover the Best Marketing Strategy To Work for your business.

Finally: Safe Harbour will provide an Focused Online Plan to Execute that is: 

      • Lead Generation
      • Ecommerce Online Business
      • Digital Marketing
      • Digital Automation Transformation 
      • Referral Marketing Program

So, if you’re ready to  ready to get a competitive edge over your competition. -  fill out the contact form on your left and we will call you and setup a short 10 minute Discovery session to get started. Remember There’s no risk to talk with us about your business and you can stop the process any time. Let me help you implement the 5 Key Strategies that are crucial to the success of your Digital Transformation Journey. 

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