The Truth About Your Healthcare Company's Security

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In 2020, the average cost of a data breach in the healthcare industry hit $7.3 million. System downtime. Incident response cost. Fines. Exposure of protected data. Brand reputation damage. The real costs of a breach add up fast.

Almost overnight, work from everywhere became the new normal, and with it, increased risk from data breaches skyrocketed.

Healthcare professionals are working from home, either full or part time, but need access to business critical applications no matter where they connect from. End users aren’t always security aware, and struggle to successfully use VPNs and complex sign-on processes.

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An increasing number of healthcare providers are delivering services remotely. In 2021, experts predict that virtual doctor’s visits will increase 500 percent!. Providers and patients alike need simple, secure access to systems that protect confidentiality, no matter where the office visit takes place.

Critical business systems for healthcare companies, like EHRs, are now in the cloud and pose new secure access challenges.

All this flexibility comes with increased risk. Hackers love work-from-home because home networks are easier targets. While moving services to the cloud is convenient for users as they connect from home, it creates visibility issues for your security and networking teams, as threats are harder to identify on unmanaged networks. New technologies like 5G introduce new risks.

The truth about your company’s security is that you can’t afford to risk business disruption, reputation loss, fines, legal fees, ransomware and more. The new work from home reality makes it harder than ever. Physical firewalls are expensive and require time and skills to manage that you might not have. VPNs are often glitchy, and frustrated users often opt to bypass them altogether. Even security-aware users get distracted, and mistakenly click on links in emails they’ve gotten from unknown senders.

Safe Harbor Cybersecurity & IT Solutions Simplified OWN IT. SECURE IT. PROTECT IT

As a healthcare company, you need to be confident that you users are connected and protected, whether they are in your facility or working from somewhere else.

We’ve helped healthcare companies like yours securely connect and protect all the people, devices and endpoints in their organization. It’s simple, fast and can grow with your needs.

If you’d like to learn how our security and networking platform, based on Todyl, can help you connect and protect, let’s talk.

Safe Harbor Cybersecurity & IT Solutions Simplified OWN IT. SECURE IT. PROTECT IT