Register for October 19th, 2022 Virtual 'CyberSecurity Awareness Seminar'

Cybersecurity Virtual Seminar - Safe Harbour Informatics

Cybersecurity Virtual Seminar

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Far too often, we receive service calls from desperate business owners & leaders who have to face an important decision. They have to either pay a very large ransom to get their business back or they risk losing it all. Unfortunately, cyber criminals attack businesses every 14 seconds. 

Do you know what to do in the event your business is attacked?

Would you pay the ransom? 

Discover "What's At Stake For Your Business?" with a free educational webinar hosted by Dan Stratton. Safe Harbour's goal is to better prepare you for disaster and provide you with the tools needed to secure your data assets, before it's too late.

Register for your spot now! This is a must-watch event. 


PS: Guests receive a free gift at the end of the webinar, as a token of gratitude.