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  • DATE: March 23rd, 2022
  • TIME: Starts 12:00PM PST, Ends 1:00PM PST (60 minutes)
  • LOCATION: Zoom

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As Business Owners & Leaders, we MUST #becyberaware


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This is a free training, but the information is priceless. 

Take back control of your business' network security and don't allow a hacker to use your unknown vulnerabilities against you.


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We need business leaders to be cyber aware, after all, hackers prey on those who are unaware...


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Did You Know...


Attending a cybersecurity training program reduces the chances of a cyber attack occurring within your organization by 50%. It's time to be cyber aware!


About 74% of attempted cyber attacks are successful. It's critical to find your network's vulnerabilities/holes, before it's too late & a hacker takes advantage of them.


An estimated 84% of small business owners feel they're not worried about their company being a target but cybercriminals are targeting small business more than ever.


Every 14 seconds, a company (whether it's big or small) falls victim to cyber crime. Let's try to ensure your business is not next on an unforgiving hacker's radar.

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